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About Us


President: Mr Joost Möhlmann
Vice-President: Mr Peter Gussone
Secretary General: Mr Martin Seegers
Admin. Board Member: Mr Pedro Suarez
Admin. Board Member: Mr Mario Celaya
Admin. Board Member: Mr Simone Gambuto

Further Board Members:
Mr Ben Lasserson
Dr. Till Schreiber
Dr. Balint Bassola

Ms Katharina Kolb
Ms Maria Alessandra Rossi

The Circle

Mission Statement

The European Circle for Competition Damages („The Circle“) is a cooperation network of lawyers from premier boutique law firms, economists, service providers and other leading professionals specialised in the private enforcement of competition law in Europe. The Circle exclusively focuses on the enforcement of claims for damages resulting from cartel behaviour and/or the abuse of market dominance, as well as legal actions and/or other measures regarding such infringements. Membership is highly selective and offered on an invitation-only basis, to ensure exceptionally high quality and standards. The Circle members have acted in the most prominent and high-profile cases of private enforcement of competition law across the EU. Besides this unparalleled joint practical experience, each member has in-depth knowledge of EU law as well as the law of one or more relevant jurisdictions, and/or the quantification of competition damages.

With our parallel and complementing specialisation in the field, Circle members can offer tailor-made legal, economic and technical solutions to parties harmed by competition law infringements, notably corporate victims. We contributed and continue to contribute to the development of private enforcement of competition law across Europe, by safeguarding the rights and interests of victims.

Circle Members in particular:

  • advise and represent parties harmed by competition law infringements throughout Europe,
  • enforce (bundled) claims for damages in court and through out-of-court settlements,
  • cooperate in Europe-wide or national cases where multi-jurisdictional issues are at stake,
  • offer joint approaches and solutions in Europe-wide cases,
  • provide sophisticated IT-tools and data-management solutions that allow for the adequate quantification of damages,
  • develop funding options and/or claims monetisation offers,
  • share know-how and experiences, discuss developments and design innovative solutions,
  • develop tailor-made and complementary strategies across multiple jurisdictions,
  • identify and leverage synergies,
  • choose the best-placed jurisdiction and the best practices in each single case,
  • enhance academic exchange and research on topics of private enforcement,
  • provide transparent, practical and effective assistance to parties harmed by anticompetitive conduct.